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Before you e-mail me...

- If you've got a question about Olds Engines, you might first try the Olds FAQ at www.442.com.
- Try checking the technical and reference sections at www.oldsgmail.com
- If you've got a general G-body question, you might try joining the Olds G-body mailing list at www.oldsgmail.com and asking there. Trust me, this is a really great resource. Lots of knowledgable people there. Heck, I learned most of what I know there. I'm on the list and you can find me there.
- If you're writing to ask if there's a way to use the Edelbrock intake on your 85-up 7a-headded 307, no, there's not, really. I've never owned a 7a-head engine, but Edelbrock really means it when they say it won't fit.
- If you're writing to ask about a source for parts such as lightning rods, airdams, or spoilers, all I know is on my Parts Sources page. Best advice is to scour swap meets and e-bay.
- If you're writing to ask about value on a H/O you wish to sell or buy, I don't know. I'm not in the buying/selling market, I have mine and am happy with it. You might try the H/OCA's web site or check for sale ads at hemmings.com or 442.com for comparisons.

I can be reached via e-mail at: e-mail address removed

Sorry, I had to remove my e-mail address. I just don't have the time to answer the volume of questions I was getting (most on unrelated issues or stuff covered here).

If you *really* want to get ahold of me, join the Old G-body Mailing list.

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