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1984 Hurst/Olds Specifications


Type V-8, iron block and heads, aluminum intake manifold
Bore x stroke 3.80 x 3.385
Displacement 307 cu. in., 5 liters
Compression Ratio 8.0:1
Carburetion 1 x 4 Rochester 4MV Quadrajet
Emission controls monolythic bed catalytic converter
feedback fuel-air-ratio control
auxiliary air pump
Valvetrain pushrods, overhead valves, hydraulic lifters
Power (SAE net) 180 bhp @ 4400 rpm
Torque (SAE net) 245 lbs-ft @ 3200 rpm
Exhaust System low restriction dual outlet, mufflers
Fuel requirement Unleaded


Transmission 4-spd. automatic with lockup torque converter, 2400 rpm stall speed
Final drive ratio 3.73:1 (limited slip optional)
Transmission gear ratios I 2.74
II 1.57
III 1.00
IV .67
WOT upshift 1-2: 5200 rpm
2-3: 4900 rpm
3-4: 4400 rpm


Front Independent, unequal length control arms, coil springs, anti-sway bar (1.25 in. diameter)
Rear rigid axle, 4 trailing links, coil springs, anti-sway bar (.875 in. diameter), Delco Super Lift adjustable shock absorbers


Type Recirculating ball, power assisted
Ratio 12.70:1
Turns lock-to-lock 2.5


Front 10.5 x 1.0 in. vented disc
Rear 9.5 x 2.0 in. cast iron drums

Wheels and Tires

Wheel size 7.0 x 15 in.
Wheel type stamped steel, chrome plated Super Stock
Tire make and size Goodyear Eagle GT Steel Belted Radial, P215/65R x 15 WOL

Dimensions and Capacities

Wheelbase 108.1 in.
Length 200.0 in.
Width 71.6 in.
Curb Weight 3557 lbs.
Weight Distribution F/R 58.6%/41.4%
Fuel tank capacity 18.1 U.S. gallons


Type full length frame with rubber isolated body
Body material Welded steel stampings


Shifter Hurst 4 spd. Lightning Rods, floor console mounted, cable operated with backdrive and park/neutral start provision.
Front seats reclining bucket, cloth or vinyl upholstery
Gauges 85 mph (140 kph) speedometer with trip odometer, tachometer, oil pressure, fuel level, water temperature, voltage.

The following is the text of a memo from Oldsmobile Service dated April 13, 1984.

1984 Cutlass Calais K47 Style

A limited number of 1984 Oldsmobile "K47" style cars are being built with the Hurst/Olds W-40 Option. W-40 Includes the following items:

The 8-page memo then goes on to list specific H/O part numbers for every H/O specific part (and some not H/O specific parts), a camshaft diagram, shifter operation notes and diagrams, exploded console and shifter view, and specifications much like those above.

The 1984 Hurst/Olds is option package W40, which was based on the Cutlass Calais (K47). The Cutlass Calais was the sporty, bucket-seat, center console, firm ride suspension model. Here's what the Calais (and the H/O) have on them:

Cutlass Calais, Coupe Model K47. $10,264

Standard Equipment

Factory-Installed Optional Equipment

AC3 Seat Adjuster, 6-Way Power Bucket - Driver Side $215.00
AU3 Door Locks, Power $125.00
A01 Windows, Soft-Ray Tinted $110.00
A02 Windshield, Soft-Ray Tinted (Fleet Sales only) $90.00
A31 Windows, Power Side $185.00
A90 Trunk-Lid Lock Release, Power $40.00
B34 Floor Mats, Auxiliary Front Carpet $25.00
B35 Floor Mats, Auxiliary Rear Carpet $20.00
B84 Moldings, Body Side-Color-Coordinated with Lower Body, except when Landau Vinyl Rooftop ordered. Then Color-Keyed to Vinyl Rooftop (N.A. with W40) $55.00
B93 Moldings, Door-Edge Guard (N.A. with W40) $15.00
CC1 Removeable Roof Panels, Tinted Tempered Glass (N.A. with C95) $825.00
CD4 Wiper System, Pulse (N33 required) $50.00
*CF5 Astroroof, Electric Sliding Tempered Glass Panel in silver tint
(* headroom is reduced when Option CF5 is installed.)
C04 Landau Rooftop Cover, Vinyl Padded (N.A. with W40 or Y71) $245.00
C46 Heater Blower, High Flow--Required and available only with LF9 or LT6 without C60 $25.00
C49 Defogger, Eletric Rear Window $140.00
C60 Air Conditioner, Four-Season -- Required with W40 $730.00
C95 Lamp, Combination Dome and Dual Lens Reading (N.A. with CC1) $15.00
D64 Mirror, Illuminated Visor Vanity -- Passenger Side. With TR9
Without TR9
D68 Mirrors, Color-Coordinated Outside -- Remote Control Driver and Passenger Side $30.00
F41 Firm Ride and Handling Package, Includes higher rate front and rear springs, firm ride front and rear shock absorbers, larger front stabilizer bar and rear stabilizer bar -- Included in W40 (N.A. with LT6) $30.00
G80 Differential, Limited Slip $95.00
K05 Heater, Engine Block -- Available with LD5 or LV2 $18.00
K07 Heater, Engine Block (K05) and Fuel Line -- Available only with LF9 or LT6 (Req'd with NA6) $49.00
K34 Cruise Control, Electronic with Resume and Acceleration features (C60 required with LF9) $175.00
LD5 Engine, 3.8-liter V6, 2-bbl. Standard (See Power Teams) N/C
LF9 Engine, 5.7-liter Diesel V8. Not available in California. C60 and K07 required with NA6 (N.A. with V03) (See Power Teams) $700.00
LT6 Engine, 4.3-liter Diesel V6. K07 required with NA6 (N.A. with V03) (See Power Teams) $500.00
LV2 Engine, 5.0-liter V8, 4-bbl. --Included in W40. C60 required with VJ9 (See Power Teams) $375.00
MX0 Transmission, Automatic Overdrive -- Included in W40. Available with LV2 and LF9. Standard in California with LT6. (See Power Teams) $175.00
MX1 Transmission, Automatic Standard (See Power Teams) N/C
NA5 Emissions system, Federal, Standard N/C
NA6 Emissions system, High Altitude. Vehicle certified for principal use in EPA designated high altitude counties with LF9 or LT6. C60 required with LF9. K07 required. N/C
N33 Steering Wheel, Tilt-Away (Required with CD4) $110.00
N66 Wheels, Super Stock Chrome (N.A. with W40) $61.00
N91 Wheel Discs, Simulated Wire with Lock (N.A. with W40) $91.00
QHW Tires, P205/70R14 Steel-Belted Radial-Ply Blackwall with White Letters -- All Season (N.A. with W40) $146.00
QHY Tires, P205/75R14 Steel-Belted Radial-Ply White-Stripe -- All Season (N.A. with W40) $62.00
QMX Tires, P195/75R14 Steel-Belted Radial-Ply White Stripe -- All Season (N.A. with W40) $62.00
TR9 Convenience Group, Includes Lamps, Visor Vanity Mirror and Chime Tones $42.00
UA1 Battery System, High-Capacity With LD5, LV2
With LF9, LT6
U35 Clock, Quartz (N.A. with UL1, UU6, UU7 or W40) $35.00
U46 Monitor, External Lamps, Front and Rear (N.A. with W40) $77.00
VJ9 California Emission Equipment and Test, Required for California (Out-Of-State Dealers must order on New Vehicles that are intended for registration or leasing in California. N.A. with LD5 or LV2) $99.00
V03 Cooling System, Extra-Capacity. Recommended for normal driving in high temperature areas (C60 required -- N.A. with LF9, LT6 or V08) $30.00
V08 Cooling Equipment, High-Capacity. Recommended for trailer towing -- Required with W40 and optional axles (N.A. with V03) With C60
Without C60
V2D Diesel Electronic Control System, Required for California (Out-of-State Dealers must order on New Vehicles that are intended for registration or leasing in California with LT6) $99.00
W40 Hurst/Olds Package Includes Silver Metallic and Black special paint scheme with Red and Black accent stripes on Upper Sides and Front-End panel. Blacked-out Bumpers, Bumper Guards, Headlamp Doors, Tail Lamp and Backup Lamp Bezels with Black and Bright Grille. Amber Park/Turn Lamp lenses. Chrome and Silver Super Stock Wheels with Red accent stripe (N83), Black Front Lower Air Dam. Silver Deck Lid Spoiler, Non-functional Hood Scoop and Bumper Rub Strip Moldings. Includes all Calais interior features such as Reclining Bucket Front Seats (AR9), Outside Mirrors (D35) Silver, Sport Console (D55), Firm Ride and Handling Package (F41) plus Superlift Air Shock Absorbers, Sustom Sport Steering Wheel (NK3), P215/65R15 Goodyear Eagle GT Tires (QYH), Instrument Panel Rallye Cluster (U21) and Tungsten Halogen Headlamps (TT5). 5.0-liter V9 Engine (LV2) with high-performance camshaft and dual-outlet exhaust system; 4-Speed Automatic Overdrive Transmission (MX0) with special Hurst "Lightning Rod" shifter and a 3.73 Axle Ratio (GT4). (Available Only on K47 with Exterior Color 17 Silver Metallic and Interior Trims 23 Royal Blue Cloth, 25 Maple Red Cloth or 55 Maple Red Vinyl -- D68 Available C60 and V08 required -- N.A. with B84, B93, C04, N66, N91, QHW, QJR, QMW, QMX, U35, U46 or Y71) $1995.00
W71 Paint Scheme. This consists of a Compatible Accent Color applied to the Body Side, in the following Lower Body, Upper Body, and Paint Scheme Color Code Combinations: 17-17-B, 17-17-M, 22-22-E, 42-42-H, 62-62-C, 73-73-M (N.A. with C04, W40 or Accent Stripes) $183.00

Available Radio Equipment

UL1 Radio, Delco-GM ETR AM/FM Stereo with Digital Display Clock -- Includes Dual Rear Speakers (U66 available -- N.A. with U35) $277.00
UU6 Radio, Delco-GM ETR AM/FM Stereo/Seek and Scan and Auto-Reverse Cassette with Equalizer and Digital Clock -- Includes Dual Rear Speakers and Extended Rang e(U66) (N/A. with U35) $605.00
UU7 Radio, Delco-GM ETR AM/FM Stereo, Cassette and Digital Display Clock -- Includes Dual Rear Speakers (U66 available -- N.A. with U35) $377.00
UU9 Radio, Delco-GM ETR AM/FM Stereo -- Includes Dual Rear Speakers (U66 Available) $238.00
U63 Radio, Delco-GM AM Pushbutton $112.00
U66 Radio Speakers, Dual Rear with Extended Range -- Included in UU6 (Available with UL1, UU7 and UU9) $25.00
U75 Antenna, Power Front Fender (Radio required) $60.00

Factory-Installed Power Teams

Engine Transmission Available Axle Ratios
LD5 3.8-liter V6, 2-bbl. (Std.) Automatic (MX1)(Std.) 2.41 (GU1)(Std.)
3.08 (GU4) [note 1]
3.25 (GU5) [note 1]
LT6 4.3-liter Diesel V6
Automatic (MX1)(Std.) 2.41 (GU1)(Std.) [note 2]
Automatic (MX0) [note 6] 2.93 (GW9)(Std.)
LV2 5.0-liter V8, 4-bbl.
Automatic (MX1)(Std.) 2.14 (G72)(Std.)[note 4]
2.56 (GM8)[note 1][note 4]
Automatic (MX0) 2.56 (GM8)(Std.)[note 3]
LF9 5.7-liter Diesel V8
Automatic (MX1)(Std.) 2.29 (GH2)(Std.)[note 5]
2.73 (GU2)[note 5]
Automatic (MX0) 2.73 (GU2)(Std.)

Note 1: V08 required.
Note 2: 2.73 (GU2) Std. with NA6.
Note 3: 3.73 (GT4) with W40.
Note 4: C60 required with VJ9.
Note 5: C60 required with NA6.
Note 6: Automatic (MX0) standard in California.

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