Tom's '84 Hurst/Olds Page

Tom's 1984 Hurst/Olds Page

Providing information for the Hurst/Olds Enthusiast since 5/1/99.
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Welcome to my home page! Here you can find out all about the 1984 (and '83 since they're mostly the same) Hurst/Olds. Check out the menu below for what I have to offer. There's plenty of tips and information here relevant to the '78-'88 RWD Cutlass in general, so if you're got one of those, come on in!

rocketbullet.jpg - 859 Bytes  My 1984 Hurst/Olds!

rocketbullet.jpg - 859 Bytes  1999 Repaint/Restoration
rocketbullet.jpg - 859 Bytes  The wreck and frameoff rebuild
rocketbullet.jpg - 859 Bytes  Picture Gallery
rocketbullet.jpg - 859 Bytes  Specifications
rocketbullet.jpg - 859 Bytes  Part Numbers
rocketbullet.jpg - 859 Bytes  Buyer's Guide and Parts Sources
rocketbullet.jpg - 859 Bytes  How-To instructions for common procedures
rocketbullet.jpg - 859 Bytes  Tips and Tricks
rocketbullet.jpg - 859 Bytes  Spicing up that 307
rocketbullet.jpg - 859 Bytes  Installation of the 2.5" cat-back Hooker Exhaust
rocketbullet.jpg - 859 Bytes  Support Vehicles (Vista Cruiser and Oldsmotruck)
rocketbullet.jpg - 859 Bytes  Links

Any comments, questions, tips, or if you've got a similar car and just want to chat, please e-mail me.

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